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Y.CO Yachts

Yacht Aristarchos Swan 131

Aristarchos Swan 131

This 131-foot SWAN has been named as the largest single-hull luxury sailboat of our time. ...

Perini Navi Panthalassa 46M

Panthalassa, the great sailing ship of Perini Navi

The Panthalassa superyacht, built by the famous 46-metre-long Perini Navi shipyard, was sold thanks to Y.CO co-founder and CEO Charlie Birke ...

Superyacht NERO

Nero, a modern superyacht with an old-world charm

If you want to go unnoticed by renting a yacht, Nero is not the right boat. Classic lines, retro charm, elegance, make this superyacht the a ...

Golden Eagle Yacht 45m by Picchiotti

The price of Picchiotti’s Golden Eagle drops

With a change of currency from dollars to euros, Picchiotti’s 45.25-meter motor yacht, sold by Y.CO, dropped by € 700,000, for a total of € ...


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