About us


About us

Mediterranean Yachting Magazine (www.med-yachting.com) is the online blog of Euroblu International.


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Vision ...

Med-Yachting wants to be a source of information and entertainment for all those who know how to appreciate the refinement and exclusivity of luxury. For all the proud supporters of the romantic and mediterranean style of which Italy in particular is an emblem all over the world and which characterizes many of our products, from yachting to fashion, from haute horlogerie to luxury cars.

Many images, videos and few but essential information make the magazine quick and easy to consult.

The magazine will be updated without any periodicity and, in most cases, will give summary information on the events that can be looked into through the official links.

To tell the beauty you don't need many words, just a magazine.


Barbara Bonetti
Arch. Barbara Bonetti


Mediterranean Yachting Magazine

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